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Father – Crypto Miner – Solution Architect

About Me

Here are some things that you should know about me.

Father of three and fully enjoying the challenges of family life. Elliot loves his gaming, YouTube, football and being your typical "teen" kid! Olivia is an adorable 4 year old, loving her princess looks and all things fun! Alanna is the latest release and a real RC 8 month old! I live in a small hamlet called Goose Eye, living with my long term partner Nicola.

As a solution architect, I am responsible for the delivery of national systems to the NHS. I love the scale of the solutions we design and implement including the challenge of trying to meet the constraints of the NHS!


My thoughts.

Boxing Day 2016

Xmas 2016

I’ve created a website for Martin Pearson and his fantastic School of Motoring start-up The site is HTML5, responsive to device type and has a cool video background. If anyone wants something similar, then contact me for a cheap all-in-one price.

Terminal Session Recording with asciinema

I’ve come across several blog posts where they use a .GIF approach to sharing terminal session recording and I’s always wondered “how do they do that?”. Seeing as I’m starting to train myself in Ansible, I thought that I’d share my knowledge and hence would need to record and share. After come research, I came across […]

New run about

So, we need a second car to run me to the station and back with an occasional family run. Bought this… I’ve upgraded the pads and serviced a squeaky caliper.

Skirlington Holiday

First ‘real’ holiday in the van and everything works…